39-20 Regional Business Licensing

39/20 Alliance Regional Business Directory

The 39-20 Alliance has established a Regional Business Licensing Procedure to allow Resident Businesses in each community to obtain a License permitting them to conduct their business in all four communities without the requirement for non-resident Licenses in each of the other communities.  The criteria for a Regional Business License is as follows:

  1.  In order to qualify for a 39-20 Regional Business License, the business must be based in one of the four member communities.
  2. The business must obtain a Resident Business License from their community as usual, the Regional License is optional to purchase at that time.
  3. A Resident Business is a business that is based in the community that is issuing the Business License.
  4. The Business will be posted not only on their Community’s website, but also the 39-20 Alliance website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your community office.

The Links below are the Community/Regional Business License Application Forms:

Town of Calmar – Business License Application Form (2016)

Village of Warburg –2016 Business License Application